Mezzanine Office Construction

The team at Mezzaflor is here to help you plan a smarter way to use the space you already have. We design and install the customised mezzanine office solution for your business in Perth, WA. With Mezaflor, you will make perfect use of your available space without losing your floor space or altering your regular operations.

Our office designs provide you with a fully enclosed environment; free from dust, dirt, sound, and noise to facilitate your operations with an extra floor space without compromising your visibility and space for operations. We custom design each mezzanine to fit any space, giving you the most cost-effective way to maximise the space you have with you at the moment. We also help you plan to integrate your mezzanine office into your current production environment.


Mezzanine Office Solutions

There are business related activities such as meetings etc, that need to be done within a comfortable office environment. The common problem faced by business owners is not knowing how to make the best use of available space in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They face issues on how to increase space for staff, whether that be offices, meeting rooms, lunchrooms, or office-based work and even the largest warehouses can get cluttered and messy if space is underutilised.

A mezzanine floor can solve these problems by effectively utilising your existing building design layout. A mezzanine office can allow you to add a new office directly into your warehouse without taking extra space on your warehouse floor, for example by building an office space right above an existing work area which doesn’t need excessive headroom.

  • Increase Space

    Mezzanines are helpful when restricted space becomes an issue. A warehouse that has unused existing space can be maximised by installing a mezzanine office. Expanding upwards is a great idea for adding space to your business.

  • Flexibility

    Mezzanines comes to the top list for versatility and flexibility. Business requirements can change over time. Mezzanine offices can be easily expanded to suit new needs and be taken down and reinstalled when relocation is necessary.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Adding additional office space does not have to be expensive. A mezzanine floor is a cost-effective solution for unlocking the potential of your existing building and increasing productivity. You can add additional office space to your business without having to invest in new office buildings and provide value for money. Mezzanines are perfect for adding additional office space over traditional building methods, considering the ever increasing value of property.

  • Right Access

    We offer a full range of access options such as access stairs, walkways, gates, and barriers to make access to your mezzanine office safe, compliant, and relevant to your operations.

  • Quick and Easy Installation

    Mezzanine floor construction is quick and simple, with many of them being completed within a week. Production is fast and fits in with your current existing interior layout and with minimal disturbance.

  • Mezzanine Office In Warehouses

    Whether you require full-functioning office space or a little space for general documentation and administration in your warehouse without compromising your regular warehousing operations, a mezzanine floor can deliver you the best solution. Our team at Mezzaflor understands well that every project is unique and demands its own customisation requirement. We help you build you the best-customised mezzanine office in your warehouse that can liaise perfectly with your warehousing operations. We begin with thoroughly understanding your unique situation and suggest you the best solution that is not only cost-effective but also durable and scalable in future (if you have considered future planning).

    Mezzanine Office Construction

    Our team at Mezzaflor is committed to delivering you the best value mezzanine office. We are well informed about the latest technology and safety protocols that your office requires to run safely and effectively. A perfect design is crucial for a successful mezzanine office. We take the vital elements of design and planning into our best consideration and deliver you a perfect mezzanine office that has perfect access, partitioning, layout, lighting, and connectivity to suit all environment.

    Industrial Mezzanine Office

    There can be multiple reasons behind you wanting to build a mezzanine floor in your industrial setting. A well-built mezzanine office can help you monitor and ease your operations as well as align your manufacturing process with your administrational activities. A perfect mezzanine floor should provide you with everything you have planned for without affecting your daily industrial operations. Mezzaflor has been delivering the best value mezzanine floor for the industrial settings for a long time with best customer reviews. Delivering the best value to our customers while taking care of all their requirement is what our team is good at.

  • Get in Touch

    Looking for help with your next project? Mezzaflor are Australia’s leading suppliers of mezzanine floors with over 20 years experience of designing, manufacturing, and installing mezzanine floors. We provide mezzanine access solutions for use in industrial sector.
    Most mezzanines are custom designed to be refitted into an existing warehouse space to accommodate your wants. If you’re looking to expand your space with mezzanine levels, then Mezzaflor can give you the solution you need. For further information on office mezzanine floor installation, call our expert team at 08 9356 3366 or email info@adesaservices.com.au.

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