Mezzanine Ancillaries

Our customised stairs, ladders, platforms and railing provide access to any raised area and comply with the requirements of Australian Standards AS 1657-2013.

We can install these with our installation teams providing a reliable quality finish. We can also supply these prefabricated to your requirements in kit form for your installation.

All our mezzanine floors are bespoke structures designed to your exact needs and requirements. We have a range of ancillaries enabling us to design and build the right solution for your operations.

Configuration Options for your Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Stairways: All of our staircases are specifically designed and are fabricated in steel, keeping with building regulations and Australian standards. We also offer a variety of finishes and colours for stairs to suit your warehouse aesthetics.

  • Handrails:

    Handrails are designed as part of the mezzanine to keep employees safe and to prevent items from falling from the edge. 

  • Walkways:

    Our walkways range from simple storage platforms to heavy-duty structural floors, designed and engineered to your specific requirements.

  • Barrier Railing:

    Our barrier rails are manufactured from heavy grade steel to withstand severe impact and provide your facility with extra protection.

  • Cross Over Walkways:

    Mezzaflor manufactures and installs all types of industrial walkways, access, and maintenance platforms.

  • Access Ramps and Hatches:

    We provide a range of mezzanine access ramps and hatches that are applicable for use in commercial warehouses and buildings.

  • Ladders:

    Ladders are designed for the safe movement of personnel between ground levels and upper levels of mezzanine structures.

  • Pallet Access Gates:

    Incorporate pallet access gates into your mezzanine for efficient and safe material handling.

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Ready to get started? We provide a range of mezzanine access solutions throughout Perth & Western Australia that are applicable for use in industrial warehouses. Mezzanines are custom designed to be refitted into an existing warehouse space, which means you can accommodate anything you want. You can contact Mezzaflor at 08 9356 3366 or email info@adesaservices.com.au to discuss your requirements.

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