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MezzaFlor design, supply and install mezzanine floors for the warehouse storage, laboratories, boardrooms, cool rooms, dust free storage and office environments. You need it, we can do it.

Mezzanine Offices

The team at Mezzafor will help you plan a samrter way to use the space you already have. We will design and install the perfect office for your business, elevated on a mezzaine floor, so you dont lose valuale space.

Our office designs give you a fully enclosed environment, free from dust, dirt, sound, and noise, and gives you extra floor space without compromising your visibility and space for operations. We custom design each mezzanine to fit any space, giving you the most cost-effective way to maximise the space you have today. We’ll help you plan how to integrate your mezzanine office into your current production environment.

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Mezzanine Lunchrooms

If you want to create a breakroom or lunchroom for your staff within your existing warehouse structure without reducing existing storage capacity, a mezzanine is an ideal solution.

A mezzanine floor enables you to make the best use of the vertical space you already have in your premises. Your business can add a lunchroom facility without having the expenses associated with extending onto the building.

Lunchroom or break room solutions can be expanded, reconfigured, or relocated as your business needs changes, allowing you to make the best use of your available floor space. Modular lunchroom designs can be assembled and installed at your facility in a short lead-time.

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Access Stairs, Walkways, Platforms and Handrails

Our customised stairs, ladders, platforms and railing provide access to any raised area and comply with the requirements of Australian Standards AS 1657-2013.

We can install these with our installation teams providing a reliable quality finish. We can also supply these prefabricated to your requirements in kit form for your installation.

All our mezzanine floors are bespoke structures designed to your exact needs and requirements. We have a range of ancillaries enabling us to design and build the right solution for your operations.

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Mezzanine Warehouse

When your warehouse grows beyond your current storage capabilities, you may need to build additional vertical capacity by using a mezzanine system.

A warehouse mezzanine floor system is an elevated floor that is installed between the floor and the ceiling to utilise the unused space that already exists in your building. After the mezzanine is constructed, space above and beneath is accessible and can be used for many purposes.

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